Welcome to Somali Arguments Online hosted by the Moment Media Ethics and EthicsPoliticsEconomics, part of the AfriCorruption Network. We promise to make this the site of the most vigorous debates on Somalia available on the internet.
Somalia has long been the locus and the focus for the most impassioned and intellectually-informed debate. But for many years, specialist Africa coverage in the world’s media has been in decline, alongside the withering of many Somali journals and magazines that used to provide a forum for debate and opinion. Somali news and views have moved to the web, but there has been no comparable Somali -wide movement which provides in-depth analysis and debate of the issues and controversies that animate the continent today. With Somali Arguments Online we intend to fill this gap.
In launching Somali Arguments Online, we will bring debate on the most important Somali topics to a wider audience with the rapidity of a news magazine and the reach of the internet. We have asked a number of leading public intellectuals— writers, scholars, activists— to contribute regular columns.
The site will function as a hub ‘supporting’ blogs on many different topics.
This is a moderated website. We have chosen the initial columnists from our own networks but more will certainly join. Contributions to the debates are welcome and will pass the eyes of an editor before they are posted.
Somali Arguments was incubated at theEthicsPoliticsEconomics .


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